Established in 1950.
This business was originally a restaurant called "Pilot Restaurant" which was frequented by John Steinbeck where he used to sit in the bar and observe characters for his books. The owner, Sonny Boy Velis, sold his business because he had no sons, only daughters, and his wife wanted to go back to Greece. Sonny sold his business to his very good friends, Lloyd & Maxine Elves who converted the restaurant into a gift shop. With little money for merchandise, Mrs. Elves started her business with driftwood & large gift items. She grew the business to be one of the finest gift stores on the Monterey Peninsula. Mrs. Elves was an icon and "Lady of the Wharf" for over 50 years. Currently it is owned and operated by her daughter, Sally Elves, and overseen by her children. At times, you may even be helped by a fourth generation family member.